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The Health benefits Carrots Brings

Most of us don’t really know the health benefit of carrot, some do call it a fruit, while others just can’t tell why rabbits love carrots. We’ll be on the go about the health benefits carrot brings.

What is a carrot?

Carrot is a vegetable crop and a vitamin, it’s also consists of carotenoids which is also found in vitamin C. Having discussed about what vitamins are, I would love you to read that so you have an indepth understanding on what we are talking about.

What to Know about the Vegetable called CARROT

It is a root vegetable crop, a dicotyledonous plant with a Taproot system which is the mostly eaten part of the vegetable.

It’s roots contains high quantities of carotene, which is a great source of vitamin A for eyesight, vitamin C for melanin pigment and some cases vitamin K or B6.


Carrots scientific name is know as “Daucus carota”.   Carrot is a biennial plant though the tend to mature within 3-4months at most after being cultivated. In Nigeria, it’s mostly cultivated on a sandy-loamy soil and irrigation system is being practiced because of the geographical areas in which sandy loamy is located (damaturu, maiduguri, Bauchi e.t.c).

They are being cultivated around November and harvested on March.

Benefits of Carrots

I.   It’s stimulates Hair growth

Having known that carrots consists of vitamin A which is a vitamin that enhances cells development, this vitamin A can promote hair growth.

II. Prevents Hair disorders and Problems.

Most hair creams consists of vitamin A and having read the role it plays on the hair, it mostly moisturizes the hair and prevents it from dryness because dryness can lead to hair breakage while combing it.

You want to take proper care of your hair?

Use hair creams that contains carotene before combing your hair to prevent hair breakage.

III. Helps in prevention and treatment of skin diseases

Carrots plays a huge benefit in terms of taking good care of your skin. That’s why it’s also used in the cosmetics industries cause of it’s content is essential.

What is that content that’s essential?

Carrots contains carotene which when eaten it’s been converted into Vitamin A. As I have earlier stated, vitamin A develops cell and by so doing, it maintains the smoothness and freshness of the skin. That’s why cosmetic industry like Carolina contains carotene.

How then do they prevent skin diseases?

They prevent skin diseases because the consists of antioxidants which prevents and fights against skin diseases like rashes, pimples e.t.c. They also clear of scars on the skin and glows your skin.

That’s why some people having pimples locally prepare carrot juice and rubs it on there face before going to bed and after morning bath.

 IV. Helps in Protecting you from harmful sun radiants.

The radiation from the sun is stronger in places like sokoto, maiduguri, Bauchi and damaturu (Capitals found in Nigeria) that’s why most people who resides in these places do have huge burns on there skin.

These burns can prevented or repaired through carotene found in carrots. These carotene if found in your body, protects your skin from these harsh radiation from the sun and also makes your skin less sensitive to it.


Hope you have seen how beneficial carrots is to you. I’ll advise you to consume more of it and you’ll see yourself glowing like a cute model.


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