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Because Africa is mostly made up of developing countries, issues take many forms, all of which are tied to our current situation.



One of, the 5 primary difficulties we Africans face, is that we african men dislike information.

They don’t have knowledge in terms of reading, obtaining skills, and improving yourself, and I’m not sure why. For example, I spent time writing this essay so that my fellow Africans may read it and have a beneficial impact on their attitude. However, instead of reading it, they will mock it and dismiss it as a waste of time.

They’re merely being lazy in the most recent generation. Some lazy Africans will throw fingers at the leadership, and while they have their own share of blame, you must seek information, and with knowledge comes power and influence.



Most Africans are unaware of their own history; they do not sit down and study it, and why should they? Because they find it more difficult to open a book than to turn on their phones. If we could just sit down and examine our history, we might be able to come up with a quick cure for the present and future.

Spend more time and read more to gain a better understanding of their own history, such as the history of my country, the history of my hometown, and the history of my parents. With this knowledge of our history, we will be able to better understand how to deal with the problems we are currently facing, as all of these are linked as a trait.



For African countries, one of the most important factors is leadership.

The way people regard leadership in Africa is both shocking and horrifying; they see it as a way to enrich yourself, as a method to loot from others, as a way to display your superiority, to exercise your power, and for some, it’s the fame that motivates them to pursue leadership and when they get there, they do anything they want.

They don’t grasp the importance of sacrifices in leadership, or the importance of passion, pleasure, and dedication to the people they have promised to guide and lead.



As the majority of people say, “Black man and himself.” They are just concerned with themselves, and Africans are only concerned with the present, not the future; all they want to do now is satisfy their immediate needs.

You see them giving you the I’m fine right now attitude, content with their current situation; it’s all about the now, but they don’t realize that in the next five to ten years, things will be different.

Evolution will undoubtedly occur, and this is why white men are more capable than us because they plan for the future. A white man projects his future, his finances, and his family, which is why you see them with good pension packages when they retire.

However, Africans cannot project their future, they are always satisfied with the now, and that is the most painful part, so perceptions of longevity and prosperity in Africa do not exist, and this is what has been passed down from generation to generation.



Another concern is a lack of industry, which leads to increased unemployment among known people. As a result, unemployment is a major issue throughout Africa as a whole. People go to school, and if there is no work at the end of the day, many will sit down, unemployed, and become a liability.

Most African countries have a high dependency ratio, and their national production isn’t anything to write home about, owing to bad leadership that doesn’t think about how to maximize the country’s resources and grow its economy. If Africa’s economy becomes more industrialized, it will be able to reduce unemployment and attract more investors.


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