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4 steps to take for a successful life Unlocking your true potential

I’ll start by re quoting Lao tzu’s quote.

He said A journey of a thousand Miles begins with an initial step, and this initial step is the most important of it all because it’s does much more than action, it’s an open declaration to the universe that we are willing to turn around, leave the dark lands of mediocrity and the crowd, to rectify the course, with our faces turned to the sun to venture determined for a new land. So we’ll be talking on how to gain total awareness (Visualize Yourself)

it simply means that you are fully ready both mentally and physically open to learning. You have got that total awareness and it will keep rising the more you engage towards that initial step/action you have taken.

You have opened the eyes of the heart which can connect to things and people both high and low, far and near and which ever dimensions the get to find themselves in.



1. Confusion.

In our world filled with confusion which is caused by lack of awareness or oneself. The presence of confusion will Always take away the sense of transcendence….

Including sense of understanding human beings in various form.

2. Hatred.

Another factor is Hatred.

Hatred is an extreme of the first one i mentioned and that’s Confusion. That person happens to be so lost on not knowing who he/she is that they look around so as to find who to blame and who to hate. That’s why our world is filled with prefabricated hatreds between men and women, White and black races, Christianity and Islamic crisis, Red and facha, Pure and not pure, Vaccinated and anti- vaccine. They don’t want to return to that Beautiful truth that we are all One. Same blood forget them generic differences, same flesh forget them physiological differences and conditions, same eyes, same tongue, and same cells found in the same body.

So Why the confusion? Why the hatred?

Reason is because they don’t understand there actions and they worsen it with indoctrination

The forgot to run there thoughts on the simple fact.

This world where we came into existence, same world we will die and be born again and again until our mission is been moved into other planes of reality.


We program ourselves through the perspective we choose by the things we see and experience. Society only creates the platform and because you lack awareness you end up dancing to the societies tune. You are meant to choose what to play and how you want to play.

Now its only funny when you hear it and really painful when you think about it.

How do i break free from unawareness?

If you have patiently read up to this part I’ll say your mind is totally made up to take that huge step.

• you must realize everything is programming.

we should be able to choose what to tune into. Many don’t want to take ownership over their life they tend to operate life mostly on autopilot reliving much of life stuck in one place with very little change.

They repeatedly run the same program over and over again without updating. For example, our phones operate on a very simple algorithm give them what interest them. My phone feeds me all kinds of educational and spiritual info because that’s what interest me. The biggest issue is the auto pilot operating system.

If you weren’t tuned out I couldn’t subliminally get to you because you would be paying attention on the junks that interest you at that moment and you really can’t explain vividly why you are doing such. It comes down to how do you want to play the game.

Slave to the system as it was designed to do or take charge and overcome the system and be your own person? In the moment and present.


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