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  • On this article we will be looking at how to examine low ferritin and it’s cure.

According to Research, Cardiovascular disease mostly occurs in men due to the micro element iron which ends up being supplied in the body in excess. In general iron isn’t safe at all because of it’s rapid oxidation rate which ends up damaging tissues. Though women can be aligned with men when it comes to cardiovascular disease because at menopause, there iron levels start going up and the excessive elevation of ferritin levels is risky.

Errors taken while treating Ferritin.

Low ferritin and the diagnosis of anemia are frequent problems that occurs in women. This is very problematic when it comes to issuing the correct treatment for it. Most Doctors ends up taking a couple of indexes and end up prescribing a course of IVs with iron, which isn’t the best form if correction, for they have to many side effects than it helping the patient just for a while.

Though very few doctors are good at identifying the cause and treating it correctly.

What is Ferritin?

It’s a compound of protein with iron and its rates are as follows 15-300 mcg/L. It supply’s the body with iron and reduces anemia. For instance, is the ferritin level is 40, with good hemoglobin and erthyrocyte volume, but there’s an iron drip the side effects will be, hemangiomas in the liver, exacerbation of herpes e.t.c.

Having read an article written by Julia Yusipova who happens to be a Doctor of functional and anti-aging medicine,

Its seems there is a huge connection ferritin through organic acids, amino acids and vitamin status.

Below is how to properly diagnose for low ferritin.

How to properly diagnose for low ferritin.

• Check to verify the Vitamin B status;

Take note that serum readings are not a criteria to verify vitamin level.

There tends to be little or no iron uptake when the vitamin level is critical, so make use of Vitamin detectors organic acids or homocysteine. Though this detector mentioned above seems to be very effective when it comes to B12, B9 or B6.

• Check to verify Amino-acid level: 

It’s better of to first speak to the person to verify or see what he/she eats. If not convinced enough, you can put intestinal dysbiosis markers to use which is an organic acid.

If there is a lower reference value, it’s says there’s a poor absorption (malabsorption syndrome) rate if Amino-acid. Low protein means low ferritin.


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