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To me, the inner circle consists of the individuals you can confide in and fight alongside, as well as the people in your life who are your most important support system and source of inspiration.


You will find that your inner circle is far more powerful than you previously believed. When things truly become rough, when you hit rock bottom, and when you finally burn out, you know this. When your closest friends and family members notice this, they will step up and provide a hand so that you can stand with them. When you silently call on them, they will come to you.

NOTE: your outcomes are affected by your circle.



You’ll find these qualities in folks you refer to as your inner circle. If any of these attributes are missing from the people you consider your inner circle then you have got it all wrong they are just there to pass time with you.


They tend to be Optimistic.

They always want the best from you and at the same time are supportive of your aims and objectives, always seeking to get the best out of you and you doing the same to them, whether it’s business, ideas, or anything else. You’ll find yourself constantly engaged in fruitful discussion; it’s all about the big talks, not the tiny ones; you and your partner can spend hours rubbing brains and tying up loose ends only to come up with a fantastic outcome on that.


They are Visionaries.

There are those who can see us and assist us in seeing ourselves more clearly.

It’s more crucial than it appears to have someone who can see your Invisibles. We are unable to see who we are for ourselves. In any case, not in its whole. It’d be like asking a puzzle piece to describe itself. Alternatively, look at a diamond to view all of its facets. Having a buddy (or friends) say, “This seems to be what you care about,” or “This feels like it’s building on past events,” provides you a new perspective on your own interests and through lines.



Who you are becoming, not who you have been. Deep support is being with people who can look beyond your current role, work, or project. What matters is not what you’ve done or are doing, but who you are and will become. It is the individual who can truly declare, “I believe in you,” even if circumstances change, who provides a safe space to explore new ideas. This strong support is what allows you to take risks, which is necessary for any period of personal or professional development. I have a friend with whom I routinely text to process how to think about things as they happen.


They are highly Supportive

This is the person who acknowledges the process rather than the end result; the person who recognises how hard you worked on something and says, “Hey there, congrats on realising your life’s ambition; I’m ecstatic for you.” They are very interested in your strategy or idea, and will work hard to ensure that you develop it.” And witnessing how far you’ve come fills their hearts with joy. They celebrate you to the fullest without expecting anything in return; all they want in life is for you to succeed since success offers them more joy.

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There are 5 drawbacks to spending time alone

There are 5 drawbacks to spending time alone

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There are 5 drawbacks to spending time alone.


We’ll now look at the disadvantages of having alone time now that we’ve looked at the benefits.the benefits. In this instance, things go from good to terrible because one prefers to enter this activity without a purpose, transforming alone time into loneliness.

There are 5 drawbacks to spending time alone

Loneliness Can Be Excruciating When You’re Alone

It’s critical to distinguish between time spent alone cheerfully and time spent alone because you’re lonely. Loneliness is defined as “perceived social isolation,” or “the gap between what you want from your social ties and how you experience them.” Feeling lonely can make us feel unloved or unlikeable, which might make us turn on ourselves.

So there’s a distinction to be made between being alone and being lonely. And, as you might expect, too much of the former can start to resemble the latter. It’s critical to distinguish between the amount of time you spend alone and your feelings about that time. Loneliness can cause not only emotional but also bodily distress. As a result, make every effort to communicate with friends and loved ones.

You Can Become Lethargic When You’re Alone

You’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t let your thoughts go soft.” Idleness, on the other hand, can have the same effect. Of course, not literally, but it is critical that you engage with a things that’s going to feed your mind positively, or any other logic-based work on a regular basis to keep your mind sharp and active at all time.

It’s Possible That Being Alone Is Harmful to Our Health.

According to research, over 30% of lonely persons worldwide commit suicide because they have lost their mental health and believe that living is meaningless.

Our physical health suffers when we spend too much time alone. “Being socially linked has a large and positive impact not only on psychological and emotional well-being, but also on physical well-being and overall longevity.” Even if you prefer to spend the majority of your time alone, it is critical to maintain strong social connections.

Depression Can Be Caused by Being Alone or Lonely.

Loneliness and time spent alone might lead to depression. Loneliness and depression have been linked for a long time.

Too much solitude produces mental swings, causing sufferers to have a negative perception of the world around them.

When people are lonely, their neurological responses to good images and events are repressed, and they are more prone to assume things are hopeless. This makes finding the energy and bravery to discover happiness and change more challenging.

If you’re feeling lonely and think you could be depressed, find someone with whom you can have a chat.

We are more vulnerable to our inner critics when we are alone.

When you’re lonely, you may hear a negative voice ready to explain why you’re lonely. We have surrendered our self-confidence and are willing to accept any negative voice that crawls into our heads as a result of doing so.

It’s not always a good idea to be alone with our thoughts. Isolation can be the ideal environment for negative, self-critical ideas to flourish. We all have an inner critic, a terrible critic who lives inside our thoughts and is always looking for ways to condemn us. When we are left alone with our thoughts, these “critical inner voices” tend to increase. When we are not just alone, but also lonely, the “critical inner voices” tend to be at their worst. The inner critic tells us that something is wrong with us and that we don’t belong with other people at these times. We are, in this sense, our own worst enemies.

As a result, it’s crucial to distinguish between productive, creative, and introspective time alone vs self-critical or lonely time alone.

The 4 major Pros of having an alone time

The 4 major Pros of having an alone time.


The 4 major Pros of having an alone time


Some people can realise the importance of their own decision while others can’t tell what’s going on during their alone time.

Some people require alone time to settle down and make effective use of it, while others enjoy it because it fits their personality, while some simply allow their personal time eat them up and end up crawling into darkness.


The 4 major Pros of having an alone time


Here we will talk about how to make maximum output from alone time as a form of self care. Mind you when not used properly that’s where the cons of having an alone time comes to play.


Spending alone time can help you be more productive and creative.


Being with people reduces productivity since you are influenced by their attitudes and problems. You’ll either find yourself bothered by that friend’s notion or you’ll spend the most of your time talking about unrelated topics.When you’re spending some alone time.

sitting down and coming up with ideas on one’s own is frequently the most successful method. By turning off the outside noises, you can get more in tune with your thoughts, allowing your mind to roam while also allowing your creative juices to flow. As a result, when people enjoy a little solitude, they do better.


Time alone allows our brains to recharge.


Socializing will always be good for proper brain function since it is critical to maintain strong interpersonal connections, yet shutting your brain down on occasion can be useful, and seclusion can be just as necessary. Studies have connected the ability to tolerate alone time to higher levels of pleasure, life satisfaction, and stress management. People who spend time alone are less depressed. So it’s all about finding the right balance. You can cleanse your mind and start thinking more clearly in an empty environment with no distractions. Just remember to eat healthy and get enough of rest during the process.


Empathy grows when you spend time alone.


You acquire a “we vs. them” mentality when you spend time with a specific group of friends or coworkers. Spending time alone allows you to build compassion for others who do not belong in your ‘inner circle.

Time away from our friends and that relationship, believe it or not, can be beneficial. Separating allows you to reclaim a sense of independence that you may not have had in years, while also establishing a better sense of appreciation for our significant other. It feels good to be missing people.


You can rediscover yourself by spending time alone.


You’re lost out there with your friends, and everyone keeps asking, “Who the hell are you?” (Like, do you truly know yourself because we haven’t seen the real you in a long time?).

All of this is due to your inability to spend time alone; you are constantly surrounded by your pals, seeking their advice on what to do and what not to do, as well as what to wear and what not to wear. Don’t get me wrong, soliciting a friend’s opinion is a sign of trust and bonding, but when you do it regularly, you lose confidence in yourself, and your buddy begins to question who you are and your worth in their life.

Being alone allows you to feel more at ease in your own skin. When you’re alone, you can make decisions without being influenced by others. And this will help you have a better understanding of who you are as a person.

Allow yourself a few minutes each day to be alone with your thoughts – even 10 minutes a day might be beneficial. Turn off all of your technology and take a few minutes to ponder. It can be unsettling at first if you aren’t used to spending time alone. However, carving out that time for yourself may be crucial to become the best version of yourself.



The Health benefits Carrots Brings

The Health benefits Carrots Brings

The Health benefits Carrots Brings

Most of us don’t really know the health benefit of carrot, some do call it a fruit, while others just can’t tell why rabbits love carrots. We’ll be on the go about the health benefits carrot brings.

What is a carrot?

Carrot is a vegetable crop and a vitamin, it’s also consists of carotenoids which is also found in vitamin C. Having discussed about what vitamins are, I would love you to read that so you have an indepth understanding on what we are talking about.

What to Know about the Vegetable called CARROT

It is a root vegetable crop, a dicotyledonous plant with a Taproot system which is the mostly eaten part of the vegetable.

It’s roots contains high quantities of carotene, which is a great source of vitamin A for eyesight, vitamin C for melanin pigment and some cases vitamin K or B6.


Carrots scientific name is know as “Daucus carota”.   Carrot is a biennial plant though the tend to mature within 3-4months at most after being cultivated. In Nigeria, it’s mostly cultivated on a sandy-loamy soil and irrigation system is being practiced because of the geographical areas in which sandy loamy is located (damaturu, maiduguri, Bauchi e.t.c).

They are being cultivated around November and harvested on March.

Benefits of Carrots

I.   It’s stimulates Hair growth

Having known that carrots consists of vitamin A which is a vitamin that enhances cells development, this vitamin A can promote hair growth.

II. Prevents Hair disorders and Problems.

Most hair creams consists of vitamin A and having read the role it plays on the hair, it mostly moisturizes the hair and prevents it from dryness because dryness can lead to hair breakage while combing it.

You want to take proper care of your hair?

Use hair creams that contains carotene before combing your hair to prevent hair breakage.

III. Helps in prevention and treatment of skin diseases

Carrots plays a huge benefit in terms of taking good care of your skin. That’s why it’s also used in the cosmetics industries cause of it’s content is essential.

What is that content that’s essential?

Carrots contains carotene which when eaten it’s been converted into Vitamin A. As I have earlier stated, vitamin A develops cell and by so doing, it maintains the smoothness and freshness of the skin. That’s why cosmetic industry like Carolina contains carotene.

How then do they prevent skin diseases?

They prevent skin diseases because the consists of antioxidants which prevents and fights against skin diseases like rashes, pimples e.t.c. They also clear of scars on the skin and glows your skin.

That’s why some people having pimples locally prepare carrot juice and rubs it on there face before going to bed and after morning bath.

 IV. Helps in Protecting you from harmful sun radiants.

The radiation from the sun is stronger in places like sokoto, maiduguri, Bauchi and damaturu (Capitals found in Nigeria) that’s why most people who resides in these places do have huge burns on there skin.

These burns can prevented or repaired through carotene found in carrots. These carotene if found in your body, protects your skin from these harsh radiation from the sun and also makes your skin less sensitive to it.


Hope you have seen how beneficial carrots is to you. I’ll advise you to consume more of it and you’ll see yourself glowing like a cute model.

Ans204 functions of macronutrients

Ans204 functions of macronutrients

Ans204 functions of macronutrients

In this article today I’ll extensively explain what nutrients are, types of nutrients we all know and an enhanced explanation on functions of Marco nutrients.

Please ensure you have your writing materials with you.

What do we actually say nutrients is?

We can say Nutrients are substances gotten from either plant produces or animal produces which plays a vital role in all living organisms by enhancing the cells resistances to diseases or promoting the proper functioning of it’s organs.

The various forms of nutrients

Now we know what nutrients are, I’ll also like to let you know that these nutrients are of two forms and we call name micronutrients and macronutrients.

A quick reminder, our topic for today is Macronutrients so all my focus in this article will solely be for macronutrients.

What do we actually say Macronutrients are?

You want to know what macro nutrients is right? Hope you have a good understanding on what was explained about nutrients eariler on?if yes all your focus should be on the prefix on the word “Macronutrients“.

The prefix is “Macro” and whenever one comes across the word macro, what comes to ones mind is Large, Big, enormous e.t.c. Now you have a good knowledge of what we are talking about.

So we can then say that macronutrients are those substance needed by a living organism in a large, big or enormous amount.

But why do we need them in a Large amount?

You should be asking yourself this question so as to have a clear understanding on what macronutrients are.

This form of nutrient is needed in large amount because both the plants cells and animal cells can’t produces or call out these substances to play there roles on the cell formation and development without getting this substances from an external source.

Because these substances are gotten from an external source, they end up becoming a very important subtance that both plant and animal cells must have.

Let me use an illustration for clarification purpose. If a 80% of the citizens in a country depends on coal as its only source of energy, and the country in picture do not have these coal as a mineral resource, they will end up depending solely on the importation of coal and by so doing, these coal end up having higher value than gold and the countries currency why because it’s so important but it’s limited.

Now what are these Macronutrients we are talking about?

We can identify these macronutrients as sulfur, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and oxygen.

We will be talking about the sources and the relationship between Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

We all have this knowledge that inorganic fertilizer has these three essential elements and they are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N.P.K)

Having known that the most abundant gas in the air/atmosphere is Nitrogen, have we asked ourselves why it’s highly abundant yet it’s so important to both plants and animals?

Nitrogen is highly important to plants likewise animals but I’ll be so fixated on plants because i want you to understand why n.p.k is the call of the day.

It’s been written and said that nitrogen is responsible for plants growth, well I’ll say that’s a lie because nitrogen is only calling out for both phosphorus and potassium in a plant tissue.

So growth in plants is a resultant of nitrogen that causes the uptake of phosphorus by the plants tissues And this element phosphorus plays its role to ensure that plant maintains a good structure which causes the growth we see in plant. Note that growth is influenced by structure and genes, so this is how this element works in the plant. It builds up it’s genetic material and it’s structure for growth to occur in the plant.

Like i always say, nitrogen is the initiator, phosphorus the catalyst (because it speeds up the metabolism rate in the plants for growths to occur) and potassium plays the homeostasis role in the plant by ensuring the uptake of the nutrients and balancing of the plant’s acidity level by circulation of water.

So hope you could see the circle or the relationship between these three essential elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

In Conclusion

Nitrogen calls for the help of both phosphorus and potassium in the plants, potassium ensures the plant gets it’s required nutrient, phosphorus ensures that these nutrients are well used up by the plants tissues and cells which in return enables potassium to play it’s role by balancing the acid-base level of the plant tissue.