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Ans204 functions of macronutrients

In this article today I’ll extensively explain what nutrients are, types of nutrients we all know and an enhanced explanation on functions of Marco nutrients.

Please ensure you have your writing materials with you.

What do we actually say nutrients is?

We can say Nutrients are substances gotten from either plant produces or animal produces which plays a vital role in all living organisms by enhancing the cells resistances to diseases or promoting the proper functioning of it’s organs.

The various forms of nutrients

Now we know what nutrients are, I’ll also like to let you know that these nutrients are of two forms and we call name micronutrients and macronutrients.

A quick reminder, our topic for today is Macronutrients so all my focus in this article will solely be for macronutrients.

What do we actually say Macronutrients are?

You want to know what macro nutrients is right? Hope you have a good understanding on what was explained about nutrients eariler on?if yes all your focus should be on the prefix on the word “Macronutrients“.

The prefix is “Macro” and whenever one comes across the word macro, what comes to ones mind is Large, Big, enormous e.t.c. Now you have a good knowledge of what we are talking about.

So we can then say that macronutrients are those substance needed by a living organism in a large, big or enormous amount.

But why do we need them in a Large amount?

You should be asking yourself this question so as to have a clear understanding on what macronutrients are.

This form of nutrient is needed in large amount because both the plants cells and animal cells can’t produces or call out these substances to play there roles on the cell formation and development without getting this substances from an external source.

Because these substances are gotten from an external source, they end up becoming a very important subtance that both plant and animal cells must have.

Let me use an illustration for clarification purpose. If a 80% of the citizens in a country depends on coal as its only source of energy, and the country in picture do not have these coal as a mineral resource, they will end up depending solely on the importation of coal and by so doing, these coal end up having higher value than gold and the countries currency why because it’s so important but it’s limited.

Now what are these Macronutrients we are talking about?

We can identify these macronutrients as sulfur, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and oxygen.

We will be talking about the sources and the relationship between Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

We all have this knowledge that inorganic fertilizer has these three essential elements and they are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N.P.K)

Having known that the most abundant gas in the air/atmosphere is Nitrogen, have we asked ourselves why it’s highly abundant yet it’s so important to both plants and animals?

Nitrogen is highly important to plants likewise animals but I’ll be so fixated on plants because i want you to understand why n.p.k is the call of the day.

It’s been written and said that nitrogen is responsible for plants growth, well I’ll say that’s a lie because nitrogen is only calling out for both phosphorus and potassium in a plant tissue.

So growth in plants is a resultant of nitrogen that causes the uptake of phosphorus by the plants tissues And this element phosphorus plays its role to ensure that plant maintains a good structure which causes the growth we see in plant. Note that growth is influenced by structure and genes, so this is how this element works in the plant. It builds up it’s genetic material and it’s structure for growth to occur in the plant.

Like i always say, nitrogen is the initiator, phosphorus the catalyst (because it speeds up the metabolism rate in the plants for growths to occur) and potassium plays the homeostasis role in the plant by ensuring the uptake of the nutrients and balancing of the plant’s acidity level by circulation of water.

So hope you could see the circle or the relationship between these three essential elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

In Conclusion

Nitrogen calls for the help of both phosphorus and potassium in the plants, potassium ensures the plant gets it’s required nutrient, phosphorus ensures that these nutrients are well used up by the plants tissues and cells which in return enables potassium to play it’s role by balancing the acid-base level of the plant tissue.



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