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About Us

On this page, we’ll be sharing with you the History of Naijashelves including our Mission and vision we have for our visitors on this site.


Naijashelves was created by a visionary man named God’swill Chidiebere and he has a team behind every information shared on this site, from the sites construction to the last piece.

In our team we have an editor named Chidum Collins with Bsc in H. Anatomy and HND in English Language.

Our Web Developer in name of Emmanuel Izuogu with a HND in Computer science and Web Development.


The  our mission is to expose readers with the profiting information that has to do with there growth, plans and studies.

We all aim to increase the number of scholars who are sure of what the want and how to get there. We believe that awareness of your contribution to this very project is as important as ever.

It turns out that great minds out there who needs a manual or guild line on how to go about life, things to do and how to do them right, goals ought to be reached and many more information pertaining life and it’s uses, finds it difficult to reach treasured information like easily. Great minds wants to experience the best possible valued information, they want to take full responsibility of their lives but need a guild line to do so.

That’s why Naijashelves was formed so as to give you the valued information you need about life processes.

We work tirelessly to foster a resource which is perceived as trustworthy platform and useful to readers from all backgrounds. What makes us special is our believe on growth which is made much more easier when we constantly deliver valued information to all our visitors out there and also make them feel special.


We are big believers in the power of knowledge and understanding That’s why we take difficult problems and make them simple in a well detailed manner.

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