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Do you spend most times thinking?

Are you actually thinking straight or you are lost in it?

Below is an article titled; 8 Things every Over Thinker needs to know.


1. Avoid Self Rejection.

Once you have welcomed the idea that whatsoever you do isn’t good enough that very moment you and paused the growth going on in your life. When I’m talking about growth i mean mental growth not physiological growth.

So you see an opportunity and you feel you don’t deserve it? Just Apply for it anyways there is no harm in doing so right?

You think that article of yours isn’t good enough because of grammatical structures? You need not to think much on this, Publish it anyway because no one is gonna come asking you to payback what you have spent on education.

Never overthink Yourself into Self Rejection.

2. The Problem is never the problem.

Most harm that befalls human are solely caused by them and there thoughts.

Very few of them is caused by reality, what actually happened and it’s outcome.

The mostly see every single thing as a problem instead of them viewing it as an opportunity by so doing there negative thought becomes the problem the have been fighting.

3. Silence and Time.

You need to be cautious of your time even if you need to think, it should be done with lesser time.

Ensure that it’s been done at the right time and space because time and space works hand in hand. So whenever you want to think for a solution, your answers lies in time, silence and a clear mind.

You are only allowed to view it as a problem if you have a solution for it, if not then isn’t a problem at all.

 4. An Important Question.

When you start throwing criticism on yourself for previous mistakes, or you viewing problems and disaster around you, all you need to do is question yourself.

Can i do anything right now to undo what i have done in the past? Or is there something special i need to done right now to positively impact my future?.

The answer to these questions lies within you.

If yes, get it done or If No, let go of it.

 5. The Power Of Now. 

You need not to overthink for a brighter future neither will it give you a better past.

All you have to done is to face your NOW.

whatsoever you do NOW will determine how positive that future of yours will be and also can make right of your past.

The past will forever remain the past so it has no power over your Present.

 6. Acceptance is Peace.

Accept reality because no amount of anxiety will change your future and no amount of regret will change your past.

There is so much Peace of mind in Acceptance.

Accept that imperfection exists

Accept uncertainty

You need not to understand it just accept the reality.

7. Health is of the mind.

So far as your thoughts drives towards negativity, you will never experience good health, doesn’t matter if you do hit the gym twice a day or you have got a nutritionist who is in charge of what you eat.

All you need to do is to channel your thoughts towards positivity because Good health only measured by quality of our thoughts and how peaceful your mind is.

8.Fact check your thoughts.

Don’t welcome negative thoughts because they will create negative scenarios in your mind that will only reflect, fears, worries and insecurities.

A wise man said think before you speak.

So it’s important to always fact check your own thoughts before accepting them.

Your negative thoughts will give you stories that aren’t true.


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