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Wheresoever you get to find yourself today is the resultant of your attitude.

Attitude has a very important role to play in your life than Action because it’s with this right attitude you will be able to act right at every phase you find yourself in.

In this session, we will be talking about the 8 forms of attitude that works.

• Attitude Of Affection.

This is the first form of attitude most people get to experience, to some it’s positive while to some it’s negative.

It’s an attitude that give one the ability to express one’s feelings, this we mostly pick it up from home i believe you have heard of this saying which says “charity begins at home”.

This attitude enables you to care for something or someone. This form attitude most be done out of love for love conquers all and without love it all turns out to be deceptive which the person out there could easily see. So it’s an attitude expressed to others out of love

• Attitude Of Royalty

This is an attitude expressed to oneself.

With this form of attitude you will be fearless and a fear factor to people out there because you are acting base on the knowledge of who you are and you being aware of the powers within you.

This sense of attitude can only be expressed by a person who has a clear imagine of his/herself.

• Attitude Of Responsibility

With this sense of attitude you will end up being a doer. Attitude of responsibility gives you the right sense to be in charge of your life and act accordingly.

People who lacks this sense of responsibility always waste there time on complains, wishes, laying blames on everything around them, gossiping about others and there lifestyle, thinking and hoping for things to get better, forgetting that things will only get better, if you act according to what you desire. So attitude of responsibility keeps nobody else in charge but you.

• Attitude Of Consistency

The major reason why most people in life haven’t break forth is because they ain’t consistent on what they are doing or they are being consistent on what’s not going to be profiting to them.

The attitude of consistency enables you to build on the basic knowledge of what you desire for instance you what to be a great keyboardist, all you have to do is be consistent on practicing with the keyboard and you will be great.

Attitude of consistency takes nothing much but discipline, making sure that you’re able to get it done every single day and by so doing it turns out to be a habit built.

• Attitude Of Speech.

This gives you the ability to be influential.

You want to raise leaders? You must be a great speaker. Must be able to influence people with your speech.

Poor speakers don’t fall in this category because they will end up hurting people with there words and can’t call people back to order there words.

Attitude Of Patience

This is another form of attitude that’s needed for attitude of consistency to take place. What I’m simply trying to say is that you can’t be consistent on something if you are not patience, and for one to be patience he/she most be confident on his or herself or what he/she is doing will work out, you can see it’s where attitude of royalty comes into play.

Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude is the best Attitude, for you to receive more you most be able to thank whosoever it’s your source very well.

Once you are grateful for what has been done for you, it makes the person to do more greater things for you.

Having the right sense of gratitude simply means being able to say Thank you to people or to appreciate what they have done for you and by so doing, they will do more that will exceed your expectation.

The last of them is the attitude if right thinking. There is alot to talk about on this attitude of right thinking.

Having read all these 8 forms of attitude that works, i hope you practice them every single day of your life.


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