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Stop thinking that procrastination means resting for the mean time and that you’ll end up doing it later and see procrastination as a thief who comes to rob you of your precious time that should be used for something far better.

Once you procrastinated, you end up not being in charge of your future. Below are the 7 ways on how to deal with procrastination


In other to create a positive habit you have got to find that spark for example something that gets to motivate you then you work on that motivation, mind you that motive have got to be a positive one. Through motivation will you be able to create that habit.

An illustration on how habits are created.

You have got a car, and you bought that car to save your time, and ease of movement.

Now you have got the car but you can’t drive so you have really need to learn how to ride a car. (From here your motivation is towards learning how to ride a car is because you own one) while learning, that’s motivation put into action and the more time to spend driving the more your mind and body adapt towards that action (driving) and they more you body and minds are being bonded into that action the stronger that habit of driving is being formed that way you need not to guess what step to take or what to do because it’s so clear to you on what processes you should take.

So you create habits through reputation and your get go is to find what motivates you.

So Habits makes life 10x easier.


Making out plans doesn’t necessarily means plans on what you want, making out plans is all about planning on how to achieve it, how to get it done because without knowing how tp achieve it you will definitely fail cause that’s the only chance you have.

You plan should be properly outlined that way you will be able to know what step you need to take that will lead to the other step.


Don’t you ever talk down on yourself. Why talk down on yourself if you sure know that you wouldn’t dare such to your folks out there?

Have a written note or declaration about yourself, words written on this notes should be everything positive you have ever wished for. Read this positive note about yourself whenever negative self talk comes into your mind by so doing your mind will be rewired into thinking and saying positive things about yourself and you will likely see them manifest.


Ensure your body is well nourished with the right set of meal so as to keep your body and mind in harmony.


The only way to avoid excuses is by responsible for that situation that you find yourself in, that’s only how you can be the boss of your own life aside that isn’t living.

Ensure you also surround yourself with people who don’t go about making lame excuses of what life gave to them.

make it known to negative people around you that you feel so uncomfortable towards there behavior and ditch them if they continue acting that way towards you after several warning. Make the most out of your life.


Ensure you have a journal and always pen down every idea or thought that flows into your mind that way you have eased off that thought and focus on another.

A journal keeps you focused, helps you store good memories, thoughts and also aids you towards having a good plan on what action you need to take.


A task becomes so much easier to accomplish once your perspective towards it has changed.

For an instance you saying “i might be there at choir rehearsals today” instead change your thinking towards ” i will be there at choir rehearsals today”

Now you can see the difference in this two sentences.

Having read all the 7 ways on how to deal with procrastination, i hope you practice them.


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