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You have been challenged with retaining focus towards whatsoever your doing?

You are 100% aware that lack of focus steals your time and you really need to stay focused on whatsoever you have scheduled yourself for, you are on the right track. Today we’ll be talking about the, 6 Steps on how to retain focus.


1. Create a commotion (Schedule) list.

Reason why Most people are indecisive is because they never planned or prepared for what’s before them and they will end up doing the wrong thing because each of the tasks wasn’t prioritized so emotions will definitely get the best of them.

Once you have set up your schedule list, get to choose properly which task that’s a priority and rank them.

Doing so, you will notice that your day seems to have a proper direction and you get to manage your time effectively.

2. Try Techniques like pomodoro.

Example. You work for 30 minutes.

Then you take a 5-7 minutes rest.

Then you get back to work and do it for 30minutes. Repeat this intervals and ensure you increase the time interval if you have gotten used to the routine.

By so doing you have enhanced your brain cells to focus more on selected tasks you have on ground over a given period of time.

You need not to see any work to be done.

Those 5-7 minutes rest you keep taking has automatically acted as your reward for arduous works.

Also ensure that your cellphone is on Do not disturb mode.

Everyone has that addiction towards there cellphones so the tiniest sound from it has made a way for distraction which in return gives you wasted time.

If you feel you can’t control it, switch off your cellphone.

3. Observe and Understand your “space”.

Distractions are inevitable to avoid they are always there to steal your time however, these can only be countered by finding a locality where you will relax and increase your focus and productivity.

Where could your space be? Your Garden? A Library? or it could be a shop.

Which of them works for you? Observe, understand and build it comfortable.

4. Eat Healthy Foods.

Do have specific time set for meals. This helps to keep your body active.

Eat proteinous foods such as:


Vegetables like, cabbage, Carrots, Spinach or broccoli.

Take Teas occasional so as to keep your brain active and focused.

5. Have a Good Night Sleep.

Every human adult is expected to sleep for 7-9 hours at night for a healthy mind and body and an inadequacy of sleep will negatively impact your memory furthermore as thickening agitation.

Try to stay away from devices like T.V, laptop, computer, cellphone e.t.c an hour or 2 hours before bed.

Once the time has approach 2:30pm atmost 3pm ensure not to take any caffeinated drink or carbonated drinks.

6. Do Series Of Meditation Exercises.

Meditation help to relax your mind and relief you from stresses therefore promoting focus.

You can give this a trial today:

I call it 4-7-8 diaphragm technique.

Inhale air through your nostrils for 4 seconds.

Hold it for 7 seconds

Then exhale through your nostrils for 8 seconds.


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