Planning is a very essential part on a man’s life. What does planning do? What are the importance of planning?

Planning give you a sense of direction, a sense of discipline and a sense of orderliness.

The Importance of Planning

When you have a plan you know what to do, when to do and how to do it. With a plan you will be able to measure your performance against effectiveness and efficiency.

poor planning endangers your performance against its achievements and efficiency.

Planning saves times

A plan is essential for focus to be reached and it also saves you time for it gives you a sense of direction.

a plan comprise of casting what you have in mind. For instance, most people are like i don’t know what will be coming up tomorrow so whatsoever has the highest vibration or frequency tomorrow i go with it. That’s wrong because you’ll end up whining away your time. but with planning, you are focused on accomplishing a goal you have set for yourself.

Planning gives you a sense of direction.

What I like about plans is that it makes you to be focused on a given task and ability for you to check and balance if it is what I’ve done, is what I’m here to do and having that knowledge on what you should do.

A man who is planning to have a future must have a vivid plan on what future he wishes to behold and how to do about it. if you’re not planning you don’t have a future for you plan.

To have a future, you must have a picture in your mind where you want to be, a picture that you should record, strategies on paper how it will be done and well arranged.

Planning Gives you a sense of Purpose

planning in itself gives you a sense of purpose. when you plan, it gives you vision and a sense of purpose. Should be able to say, this is why I’m here, this is why I’m doing this, this is why I’m going here, this why I’m not going here, this is what I want to achieve and what i don’t need to achieve.

so it gives you a sense of purpose and having a sense of purpose keep you organized  in an orderly fashion.

Now you have read all this, what are you going to do about it? Will you just sit back with the knowledge you have on planning?

The answer lives in you. All i can say is be committed towards the change you desire.



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