The Attitude of Right thinking.
The quest for self improvement is one that must be built on truth. You may ask. What difference does it make to have an attitude of right thinking? I have not seen anyone refer to attitude as a solution to any problem. Maybe I should just stop reading this, right now and do something better with my time. Pause a bit, right there is the reason you should get this now. The attitude of right thinking.


Many have been deluded by popular thinking, that somethings matter in life and others bear no value. Kindly answer this question,

What represents value to you, a million dollars or a right attitude?

Being realistic, no one will reject a million dollars for an abstract idea of attitude. It will be foolish to even think of it. Popular definition of reality puts money above everything else in many cases.

This is not reverse psychology but if you care to read to the end, I’ll break a secret that the rich and influencial have as their number one priority above everything they know.

A man or woman was once a boy or a girl, having aspiration and dreams and determing to make a mark, or at least live freely and have enough of everything he or she wants. But the truth is that most of this boy’s or girl’s early age has been feed with the notion that money will make that dream they have come true, it will give them the happiness they so desire, the satisfaction they pursue, the impact they want, it will answer every prayer. 99% of the population think this way, this is the major reason we have more poor people, who are nevertheless intelligent, passionate, talented, hopeful, diligent and will never give up, but what they lack is the ingredient that turns everything around and without which no positive attainment of any kind can be made.

This ingredient is A positive attitude.

Having an attitude of right thinking always bring forth unimaginable growth, you see yourself generating great revenue with this attitude, a problem solver and a person who create unimaginable opportunities. This attitude of right thinking will definitely take you to a whole new level both personally and professionally. It’s a life changing attitude.

If you are ready for this journey, we will be looking at the 8 forms of attitudes, how do one attain the attitude of right thinking? And how one can become a great thinker. All falls under, the attitude of right thinking.


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