Accept Change

For one to attain the attitude of right thinking, they must do this first thing first and that’s accepting change. They must agree within them that change is needed for growth to take full effect in them. If you change your thinking, you can change your life.

Even the popular Nazi dictator named Adolf Hitler is aware of the powers in one’s thought that he boasted saying “What luck for rulers that men don’t think”

Change Your Thinking

Having set you mind on a course for change, the next step you must do is to change your thinking.

For you to be able to change your thinking, you must pay a price to attain this changes and if your mind is fully made up on completing this journey, you should also know that change is not instant. you grow them, you nurture them just like a new born baby till it’s fully matured and gives birth to a habit in you.

Even Albert Einstein who is one of the best thinkers who ever lived, asserted, “Thinking is hard work that’s why so few do it” This is to let you know how difficult it’s going to be and because it’s diffcult, you have to use anything available that’s going to be of help to you so as to improve your thoughts.

Search for it

You desire a changed thinking? Then go search for it, search for good new ideas. The amount of good thinking you can do at any given time depends solely on the amount of good thinking you are already engaging yourself in.

Go all out for this changes you desire, start with thinking on where you want to be? how you want to be seen, who’s life out there you want to follow? (I simply mean have a mentor) and go all out for it.

Invest in it

Are your thoughts also based on Human capital investments?

You also know that whatsoever you invest in will bring forth either equal result or further results.

What I’m saying is that if you invest your time, your energy, your resources towards your own thoughts to be set on the right course, you will yield output or result with the changed mind you’ll end up with.

Just like what Napoleon Hills observed “More Gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has ever been taken from the earth.”

So take your time on it and you will definitely end up being a great thinker for the human’s mind is like a diamond mine that never runs out and it’s priceless.

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