Are you good at listening to people but you have got this challenge when it comes to taking notes down?

In this session the best which you desire it’s what you are going to get. Below it’s the basic rules for taking note for studies.

Basic rules of taking notes for study:

▫️process what you have heard or read and write them down using your own words

While reading a book or paying attention to the speaker in a seminar or classroom e.t.c you sure need to have writing materials with you so as to take note of what he/she is saying OR to take note in what you have read.

Ensure you process what you have heard or read, that way you will be able to write them down in words best understandable to you.

▫️Always leave blank space between main ideas so as to add more and new information to it

Whenever you come across main ideas in a book or the speaker was all over the main point on the topic he/she was talking about, ensure you leave a blank space after you must have penned down each main point or idea.

The blank space will always come in handy to you because every single time you glance at the main point, new informations about it will keep flowing.

▫️Create your own short hand and special characters so as to save time.

Most people finds it difficult to keep up with the pace of the speaker while taking note, well that’s because

(i). They haven’t been able to come up woth a good strategy that going to be of help to them.

(ii). They also want to pen down every single word that comes out of the speakers mouth and that’s impossible to some extent.

In other to keep up with the pace of the speaker, ensure you have your own short hand or will i call it abbreviation, this way you will be able to keep up with the pace of the speaker because those short hand will buy you enough time to do both (i.e Listen and write).

▫️ Do not write the whole sentences rather pen them down in short separate phrases.

Never you make that common mistake of taking notes in full sentences because if you do so, you will end up telling yourself that every detailed information is in that sentence so therefore whenever you want to review your jotter you will always review it casually.

Ensure that you take notes in short separate phrases this way you will always find new informations from each phrases whenever you are reviewing your jotter. This is because to every phrase you have written down, it only gives you a clue not an absolute meaning so therefore you will always ponder your mind into the phrase to extort meaning from it.

▫️ Always highlight the important stuffs and let go of the unimportant ones.

The major reason why you are taking notes is so that you could review every important details that have been spoken about or you have read. So why then did you end up penning down unimportant stuffs like them jokes he/she spoke about, them biography which is irrelevant to the main idea or topic that’s being discussed. Don’t get me wrong i do know that there is a place for biography but is that what the topic is all about?.


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